Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Hey my baby bloggie, sorry for neglecting you. I've been pretty busy lately. *Busy ke?
Hmm I just got back from a shopping spree at Pavilion with my mom and my sis. Bought a Roxy purse, since mine had torn hear and there. So I deserve a new one kannnn? :P Mom spent too much on us today, teheee pity you mother but thanks for everything, we love chu muchiee much! :D So, last Sunday we went to Jakel and bought lots of kain untuk buat baju. Hmm mine are four, so yeahh dah pegi tempah tadi. Tk sabar wehh! 

Last Saturday, I got a test, Statistics test. Am hoping for full marks. Amin! I know I did my best, so hope it's worth it. 
Lately, I felt loved, appreciated, cared and happy. I dont know. It's just the way I feel. Hmm.
But I miss my bestfriends, seriously. Where have you guys been? :'(

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