Wednesday, February 23, 2011

No pain no gain

Hii, I'm going to class in a few minutes. Got statistics this morning, and a quiz too. Hope that I'll get full marks, amin. My hands began to swell yesterday because of volleyball. Yes, I played volleyball. We will go to college every evening for training. Kasi improve sikittt. Haha. Volleyball is fun and enjoying. The seniors are fun and they teach us how to play. They are very kind, hehe. We played in the rain but thank god, it was not heavy rain. My hands began to swell and there are lots of redness and blue-ness. Cehh. Lebam :(
But its okay, no pain no gain :)
Look at my hands, macam kena dera kan? Lebam bintik bintik, pergelangan tangan kiri pulak merah. Urghh! Petang ni pergi lagi, yeayy tk sabar :D

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