Saturday, March 26, 2011

I just dont get it

Hii, I've got some feedbacks asking me why I dont update my blog for quite a long time. Its because the wifi connection at the hostel was disconnected. Like wtf kan? Haha.
Plus, I got lotsa problem in this whole week. Starts from last week and yeah, this week is tiring because of all the sudden things.

Last week a sports carnival was held at my college, my team and I joined volleyball. We won the second place.
On tuesday, I went to Palace of the Golden Horses for Majlis Anugerah Dekan.
So many things happened, I just cant recall everything because I dont want to think about those stupid things.

Andddd, I felt really hurt. Its true, if someone comes into your life and then they leave for some reasons, dont be sad. Be glad because at least they made you happy. Even for a while. Thanks for everything JAB.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

My new baju kurungsss

Hi, my mid semester break will be over tomorrow. I'm going back to Bangi tomorrow night. Just now I went to pwtc for a survey, alhamdulillah I got some money. Jyeahh! :P
I just collected my baju kurungs this evening from Lee Kin Tailor, 4 pairs. I ordered modern baju kurung. Most of them are cottons. I made baju kurung cause I really need clothes for classes, which is most of them are boring so I need a new one. Hikhik. I try them on and they are soooo lovely! Ekaa pun jealous. Sbb dia belum pegi amik baju dia lagi, padahal dah siap. Miaw! (Sorry ler amik gambar baju berlipat je sbb malas nk bukak hehe)
Cant wait to wear them next week :D

Save the Earth

Shocking news, 8.9 magnitude earthquake in Tokyo with tsunami this afternoon. I was so afraid, I hope that Allah will save Japan. I know, natural disaster can happen anytime without any sign. But please, this is so bad and scary. I wish all Malaysians in Tokyo are safe. 

I saw my elder brother updated some status about this disaster since he has a lot of friends in Japan, especially in Tokyo. He used to live in Japan for 5 years. His juniors are still there. So he updated some status telling them to inform their family that they are safe, to contact the Malaysia Embassy and so on. I saw his friend commented that they cannot use the telephone since the telephone line is disconnected, even the internet line also very slow.
I am so thankful that my brother had come back here to Malaysia almost a year ago, no longer in Japan. My uncle is also here, because he always go to Japan for some businesses since he used to live there for 8 years perhaps?

I dont know what will happen if my brother is still in Japan, since he lived in Tokyo and the earthquake happened in Tokyo. Ohmygoddd. 

 I pray that Allah will save those Japanese and all of us, from those disasters. Ya Allah lindungilah kami semua kerana sesungguhnya Engkau lah tempat kami meminta pertolongan dan perlindungan. Amin.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Unused items

Okay as you can see in the picture above, there are 7 pairs of shoes that I am no longer wear them anymore. I mean, those three pairs on your left hand side. They are all preloved items and worn several times. But still, in a very good condition, with the original box. They are Kulkith shoes yaww! An adorable handmade shoes from Bandung. All RM 55 (excluding postage). Green and pink are size 39 and black is 38. 

Shoes on your right hand side are all brand new, also from Indonesia, but from Jakarta. All size 39, I cant fit them on my feet so thats why I'm selling them. I told my friend the wrong size (She went there and I ordered to her).

Light grey - RM 25
Dark grey - RM 35
Purple - RM 55
Leopard - RM 55

All prices are excluding postage. If you're interested to get these shoes, just leave a message on my Facebook, for serious buyer only kay.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Show me the monayhhh

Hi, I'm in the mid semester break right now. Currently working part time as an usherer at an event, but only for two nights. Last night and another one will be on this Friday night. I told yaa, before I went to the event I was extremely nervous, every negative thing was in my mind, plus I was late so it makes me moreeee nervous! Padahal kerja senang je, mengiring je pun -,- I was suppose to go there by ktm and my senior suppose to pick me up at the hostel but suddenly its raining. So I cant go out. I was the only one chosen by the client, so I dont know anyone there. Thank God my senior pick me up and we went to the Uniten Residence Hotel for change, and straight away to Equatorial Bangi. It was the perasmian of Pidato Antarabangsa Bahasa Melayu (PABM). Another 9 girls were already there, they were quite sombong at first, but Kak Rika was soooo friendly, I love her! Kerja apa lah sgt, ikut Menteri Pengajian Tinggi jalan je, then masa dinner dkt dalam kitaorg duduk je dkt luar. Pegang dulang bagi hadiah. After habis, ikut je jalan. Dahhh, selesai kerja! Tak sampai 4 jam kerja dh dpt duit, lumayannnn hehe. Those girls are cute and pretty, tapi semua kakak kakak. Aww :') 
Thanks to Abg Rom and Nnie  for getting me this job.

Oh yaa, another facts that you guys have to know is, last night was my first time wearing high heels. Sumpah tk tipu! Okay aku tk pakai high heels and semalam pun pakai gladiator Ekaa yg tingginya 5 inches tu. Thank God nothing bad happened, but it was tiring okay. And torturing. You can only feel the pain after you take out the heels, eventho when I took them out, I still feel like I'm wearing high heels. Hahaha!

I've make an account statement, I'm going to collect lots of money in the whole mid semester break. Started from my uncle, he gave me some money at grandma's. And then the job as an usherer and another one will be on this Saturday, at PWTC. Bukan event pun, survey 2 jam je. Hehehehe. Alhamdulillah murah rezeki mak nokk! :P Seminggu cuti at least dpt buat duit dlm 4 days yg sama dgn gaji sebulan org kerja restoran. 
Alhamdulillah :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Truly Madly Deeply

Hey, yesterday was March 5th 2011. The happiest day for me. Aww, a very day to remember :')

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Silly me

My mid term exam has started and today's paper was Account II and English II. Yesterday's was Statistics. Goshh, account is killing me, I know I'm gonna fail the paper. I was blank eventho I studied Account last night. The question was hard. English was okay. Statistics was kinda hard but still can do it. Hmm. I dont know if I can get dean's list again for this semester. I feel embarassed for my Account paper, it was the worst exam I ever did. Oh goshhh, please save me! Account chapter 2 was the hardest, still cant catch them up. Silly me -,-
Hmm let bygone be bygone, lets do our best for another test, quizzes and assignments. Amin!