Saturday, March 12, 2011

My new baju kurungsss

Hi, my mid semester break will be over tomorrow. I'm going back to Bangi tomorrow night. Just now I went to pwtc for a survey, alhamdulillah I got some money. Jyeahh! :P
I just collected my baju kurungs this evening from Lee Kin Tailor, 4 pairs. I ordered modern baju kurung. Most of them are cottons. I made baju kurung cause I really need clothes for classes, which is most of them are boring so I need a new one. Hikhik. I try them on and they are soooo lovely! Ekaa pun jealous. Sbb dia belum pegi amik baju dia lagi, padahal dah siap. Miaw! (Sorry ler amik gambar baju berlipat je sbb malas nk bukak hehe)
Cant wait to wear them next week :D

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