Friday, March 11, 2011

Unused items

Okay as you can see in the picture above, there are 7 pairs of shoes that I am no longer wear them anymore. I mean, those three pairs on your left hand side. They are all preloved items and worn several times. But still, in a very good condition, with the original box. They are Kulkith shoes yaww! An adorable handmade shoes from Bandung. All RM 55 (excluding postage). Green and pink are size 39 and black is 38. 

Shoes on your right hand side are all brand new, also from Indonesia, but from Jakarta. All size 39, I cant fit them on my feet so thats why I'm selling them. I told my friend the wrong size (She went there and I ordered to her).

Light grey - RM 25
Dark grey - RM 35
Purple - RM 55
Leopard - RM 55

All prices are excluding postage. If you're interested to get these shoes, just leave a message on my Facebook, for serious buyer only kay.


  1. kasut lawa-lawa. tapi sayangnye kaki I kecik. tak muat. hurmm :(