Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hello, I'm friendly. Oh wth -.-

Hi, sorry for not updating. I think I've lost my interest on blogging, I dont know. I just dont get the excitement from blogging since my life is dull, boring and nothing is interesting to share with you guys. Result had been announced, too bad I dont get dean's list. But yeahh I'm pretty happy because I dont fail any subject, alhamdulillah. And one more thing, I got above 3 pointer. Alhamdulillah. My CGPA almost 3.50, I got 3.49 -.- 
Gotta work harder next semester, which will be started on July. Have to make sure that I will get dean's list and CGPA above 3.50.  Oh yesss, my loan had been approved from MARA. Will get the money on next semester, alhamdulillah. Insyaallah if I can graduate with CGPA over 3.50, the loan will be switched to scholarship!

I'm running out of money lately, I shopped too much. There's only RM100++ left in my account. I shopped too much when I went out with boyfriend, a week before he went back to Jengka. I dont know, maybe they're just little things but yeah, wasted my money on them. I dont know, maybe because they are worth it? :/ I bought a topshop high waist jeans, two blouses from blogshop, and what else ahh? Blackberry screen protector and the case. Oh haaa, potong rambut also -.- 
Few days ago pulak bought a vintage bag from blogshop and pumpkin shoe from Indonesia. 
Yes, I do shopped alot from online store. Got a problem with it?

Lately I always feel that I'm not pretty. It's not like I wanna say that I'm that pretty but hey, I just dont have what they call errr self confidence? Haa mcm tu lah. I dont know maybe it's because of my hair. Everytime I snap a picture, it always turn into something that I dont even hope. The picture is not pretty or nice as I hope it to be. And it end up with, ahh malas ahh amik gambar -.- Hmm I dont feel happy with myself but, alhamdulillah for  all the gifts Allah gave to me. We cant own everything kan? Pasal rambut ni sabar jelah tunggu dia panjang. Sikit lagi cantiklah HOHO  o.0

I think I have to stop typing now since I talk nonsense, too much! Taip je apa terlintas kat kepala. Yeah I'm a lifeless girl since I dont use this semester break to do things that makes me happy. I just waste my time on the laptop, playing with my kitten, bbm-ing and hmm keep on doing the same think I guess. I miss classes! Urghhh! It's okay, another 22 days until the registration day. I'm gonna start classes on 4th July, cant wait. Errr I sound so happy with classes even I'm not, but hey, at least I got things to do kan. Lagipun kata nk improve pointer, so what? 

Errrr I talk too much lah yg merepek repek je. Mcm berborak pulak. Yes, I'm a talkative person. But with certain people only. Hehe. Okayyy kali ni betul betul nk stop dah. Gonna update later, dont know when ahh haha kay bye :)

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